The Oneplus Nord CE – A High End Device With Excellent Software Experience

The Oneplus Nord CE – A High End Device With Excellent Software Experience

Oneplus has launched the much awaited OnePlus Nord CE and OnePlus TV U1S with advanced mobile communication tools. The features of the product are excellent, the looks sleek and beautiful and it is all wrapped up in a wonderful design. The company has given a lot of thought on how to take mobile technology to the next level. They are working on different projects everyday and one such project is the new one by using Oneplus ecosystem.

There is an exciting pre-order campaign for oneplus nord ce the phone in the UK through which people can get hold of the phone at a cheaper price. The company is expecting a lot of growth in the market with the Oneplus platform and the mobile phones by the same brand are also going to be launched. The exciting part of this is that one will get the chance to test drive the device first before buying it. There are different variants for the users across the various network providers including the Oneplus, Oxygen, Vodafone and Orange.

The company has recently launched two variants in the Oneplus Nordic CE range. The first one is powered by the quad core 1 GHz processor which has an Adreno processor, Samsung Exynoleum Processor and MediaTek Storage variant. The other variant which is powered by the octa core 1.6GHz processor has the same Adreno processor, Samsung Exynoleum Processor and MediaTek Storage variant. The difference between the two is that one comes with the regular 2G connectivity while the other comes with 3G connectivity. People can enjoy unlimited talk time, text messages, email and games on the phone. Hence, the pricing of the phone is similar across the board and people can choose the best mobile phone deals for their needs.

The oneplus mobile phone which is powered by the octa core smartphone has a nice looking physical keyboard with large space for holding the touch sensitive screen and a backside which looks like a brick. The complete home menu which comes built in the handset has been divided into separate sections which include the contacts, clock, contacts directly to the left and the Google search right. The touch screen is smooth and responsive allowing one to navigate through the menu effortlessly. One may ask whether the Oneplus Nord CE has a removable battery or not, and the answer is yes, the handset has a removable battery but this only differs from the norm when it comes to the size.

The phone comes with a high resistance lithium polymer (Li-Po) battery which offers a huge life span which one can expect for a good price. One can use the phone for a whole day with no fear of the battery dying down as it lasts for a full day. When one plugs in the charger from the wall outlet, the phone instantly charges up and remains charged throughout the night. This enables one to use the phone all through the night without any fear of the battery running down.

The software experience on the Oneplus Nordic is very smooth and user friendly and offers all that one could want in a smartphone. Android interface allows for smooth browsing and allows for easy operations even while on the move which is a distinct advantage over many mid-range smartphones in the current market. The excellent software experience on the oneplus nord and other recent releases is another reason why the company is considered as a leader in the smartphone market. The firm is also coming up with new handsets regularly so there will always be something new for one’s collection.

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